Remove From Firefox/Chrome/IE is a malicious platform which is utilized by browser hijackers. This website tries to lure people with a bunch of convenient services. It features a search engine which is supposed to link to results, generated by Google. There are a number of links to popular websites, including Google, Yahoo, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Hotmail, Gmail, Wikipedia, Linkedin, Instagram, and many others. The platform also has tabs for various customized searches, like shopping, games, sports, news, online TV broadcasts, movies, music, images, and many more categories. There is a weather forecast for the city you choose, as well as a traditional and a Chinese horoscope. Besides the offered services, you will also notice a few advertisements, scattered all through the page. This will not be the only ads you see, though. helps hijackers get their content through. You will be subjected to pop-ups, banners, in-text links, interstitial ads, coupons, and other kinds of promoted content. Your homepage, as well as your search engine, will be reset to The hijacker will include supported links alongside the regular search results from your queries. Perhaps the biggest threat is having your sessions monitored. Your personal data can be exposed to third parties with questionable agendas and your online financial accounts could be hacked. was likely set to your browser without you even visiting the website. The reason for this site infiltrating your system is solely the hijacker behind it. The malicious programs that can utilize this platform for their agenda use a variety of tricks to get installed to your system. The most common penetration method is software bundling. The hijacker can pretend to be a helpful tool, offered together with a random freeware program you have downloaded from the web. To avoid having users deny it access, the unreliable program does not run its own process, but gets featured as an optional tool you can have installed together with the main software from the bundle. It has to be deselected to avoid having it enter your system. The hijacker behind can hide behind various sources, like spam e-mail attachments, corrupted websites, compromised links, and fake ads. The clandestine program can also pretend to be an update for a legitimate program or system process. It is advised to only download confirmed software from its official website. Being cautious about the websites you visit is absolutely essential.


It will not be difficult to detect the hijacker’s activity. Once it enters your system, it will implement many changes that will directly affect your browsing sessions. The obvious alteration will be having set as your default homepage and search engine. This change will be irreversible. You will only be able to restore your preferred settings after deleting the hijacker. This is done to use the website as a portal for advertisements. You will be attacked by pop-up windows each time you access the internet. Your system’s performance speed will slow down drastically. The ads displayed are all supported and are used to generate proceeds for the third parties behind the website and the hijacking program. Apart from the obvious advertisements, there will also be hidden supported content. Although the results from are said to be powered by Google, there will also be supported websites amid them. Every redirect, linked by, leads to a website with unconfirmed reputation. Some of these sites may be infected. The hijacker will also gather details from your browsing sessions. This starts from your history and preferences and extends to sensitive data, like the login details for your accounts. If you have online banking registrations or credit cards, they may be accessed by cyber criminals. It is advised to steer clear of the pop-up windows and refrain from using the unreliable search engine until you delete the malevolent program from your PC.

To resolve your problems, you need to locate the program which is using for its agenda and uninstall it. For instructions on how to do this, you can refer to the guide below. Please, follow the instructions strictly to delete the software and reset your browser successfully. Apart from doing a manual removal, you should also conduct an automatic scan with an AV program. Since applies deceptive tactics to enter your system and to open the door for other unreliable programs, there is a possibility that some unreliable software has entered your system without your knowledge.

Remove from your computer

Windows 8
1. Click Win+X simultaneously and navigate to the Control Panel.
2. Navigate to Uninstall a Program and choose the unwanted software from the list.
3. Press Uninstall to remove the application.

Windows 7
1. Open the Windows Start menu and go to your Control Panel.
2. Select Uninstall a Program and remove the program from the list.

Windows XP
1. Open the Windows Start menu and go to the Control Panel.
2. Choose Add or Remove Programs.
3. Find the program in the list and remove it.

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