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Ads by Solution Real has been classified as an adware application which sneaks into your PC silently and starts causing you various issues. For that reason, the app belongs to the category of potentially unwanted programs (PUP).

Once installed on your computer, Ads by Solution Real starts flooding your monitor with tones of commercial advertisements which interrupt your browsing sessions and make your PC much slower. Despite being presented as a useful application for users, the actual purpose of the provided advertisements is to gain profit for their creators. Unfortunately, they are unfamiliar third parties which you should not trust at all. Otherwise, your personal security might be put in danger.

In fact, Ads by Solution Real is not a malicious infection itself, but it offers nothing useful for users as well. Besides, it is capable of causing you different kind of problems, which means that you’d better remove the adware application as soon as possible. This is the best way to keep your PC safe.

The official website of Ads by Solution Real is However, nothing is real when it comes to it, and the program is not distributed via its homepage. Actually, the website has been created only to deceive users that Ads by Solution Real is a legitimate program. Nevertheless, the truth is that the application is part of the popular SuperWeb family, which involves lots of identical adware programs. Their websites share the same layout pattern and promises to enhance your web browsing and search experience. Though, this never actually happens.

ads by solution real removal

As Ads by Solution Real is not a rogue anti-spyware application or a ransomware program, it does not steal your money directly. What the application does, is to add extensions to all main browsers, not including the newer Google Chrome versions. The extensions help Ads by Solution Real to collect some information on your browsing habits and provides you with customized advertisements to provoke your interest. Usually, these are pop-ups, discount deals, and coupon offers that are supposed to help you save money. Though, they disturb your virtual activity instead, and put in risk your system’s security.

Be aware that if Ads by Solution Real is misused by cyber criminals, so it could transfer you to corrupted websites, and eventually your PC would get infected with malware. In order to avoid this from happening, you should erase Ads by Solution Real and the ads it provides you with, right away.

The good news here is that the Ads by Solution Real removal is not a hard process. You can delete the program along with the displayed advertisements either manually, or automatically. The manual removal instructions are provided bellow this article. Though, even if you have completed the manual removal process, you still have to run a full scan of your PC in order to identify any registry leftovers or temporary files. You can do this by installing a reputable antimalware tool which will erase all the existing threats at once and will protect your system against malware 24/7 a day.

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