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If you find that has been set as your default homepage without recalling making the change yourself, then you can be sure that the browser hijacker has made its way into your system. Upon entering, this malicious extension will reset both your homepage and search engine without asking for permission. There will be many changes made to your computer which will disrupt your normal browsing schedule and put your system at risk. To avoid getting your PC infected with compromising software and keep your data secure, you need to delete from your machine as soon as possible.

How did gain access to my system?

This malicious extension requires your approval to get installed to your system. There is a high risk that you will give it access without realizing it. uses a rather deceitful tactic to get your permission. The program poses as a system or software update for a reliable application. In particular, has been known to pretend to be an update for Adobe Flash Player or Java. If you do not notice that the update you are being shown is not a legitimate message from the corresponding program, you may grant access to this hijacker. Upon sneaking its way in, it can start doing all kinds of changes without requiring further permission. The only way to put a stop to these actions is to uninstall from your system. removal

What is dangerous about’s activity?

The program starts off by resetting your homepage and search engine to its own website. Please, take note that the results coming from this engine should not be relied on. Much like the ads displays, they are supported by third parties. This means that the developers of this hijacker are paid to display ads and links to generate revenue. The content provided by is not generated from the program itself and is not guaranteed to be safe. It is possible that these domains can contain malware or redirect to suspicious websites. You should never follow any links provided by this unreliable program. There is also a security risk involved with, as the program has been developed to monitor your behavior on your computer and collect data from your browsing sessions. It will store all kinds of details, including passwords and account data, and send them to undisclosed third parties who can use them for their malicious intentions. If you do not wish to take the risks stemming from this hijacker’s activity, you have to remove from your system altogether.

How to remove from your PC?

Since the program is installed as an extension, it will appear in your list of programs. You can remove manually from your Control Panel. To do this, you can use the guide we have listed below. Please, make sure you take all the steps and maintain their order. You should know, however, that the manual procedure is not always sufficient to dispose of all files created by this hijacker. There may be some data and registry changes left from’s activity which can pose a threat to your system’s security. To eliminate all potentially harmful data, you need to run a complete scan of your system with a reliable antivirus program.

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