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BoBrowser is an adware application developed by ClaraLabSoftware. It is presented as a reliable browsing client, designed to lead users astray through its appearance and marketing strategy. BoBrowser’s logo resembles that of Google Chrome with only a slight difference that may be disregarded. The program claims to be “designed with security at its core”, offering to protect your system from malware, enhance your browsing experience and download speed. Its functionality speaks otherwise, though. Instead of working automatically to carry out the tasks it advertises, BoBrowser displays ads when you use your browser. If you have dealt with adware before, you would know that this is a good way to distinguish it from other reliable software. It is best to delete BoBrowser to prevent the program from putting your system at risk.

How does BoBrowser get installed to my system?

BoBrowser is rarely downloaded and installed from its official web page This domain is created to make the extension appear legitimate. Most commonly, BoBrowser will trick its way into your system with the help of freeware. The program will be included in a bundle and listed in the installation terms of the free software you have downloaded. You will have to locate and deselect the add-on from the program’s installation features. If you do not do so, it will be installed to your system. Since many users tend to neglect reading the terms and conditions, this makes for an easy way in. Getting to know this tactic will help explain how BoBrowser was installed to your system, if you do not recall granting it access.

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What is dangerous about BoBrowser?

There are a few threats related to the BoBrowser extension. This adware will flood you with ads, flagged as “Ads by BoBrowser”. These advertisements come from a variety of sources which may not be safe. The BoBrowser developers use this ad flow to make revenue from your willingness to open them. They do not take responsibility for your security, though. This is described in the EULA on the program’s website. Following any of the ads BoBrowser displays can get your system infected with malware. We advise you to steer clear of any content, deriving from BoBrowser. Please keep in mind that this would still not be enough to restore your security. The sheer presence of BoBrowser is a security risk, as the program can collect your private details and send them to third parties. The only way to put a halt to this activity is to uninstall BoBrowser from your PC.

How to remove BoBrowser?

You can choose to perform a manual removal by following the steps listed below this paragraph. Please, make sure you do all tasks as described and keep their original order. Upon finishing this process, you should run a scan of your system to make sure nothing is left behind. BoBrowser can sometimes leave temporary program files or registry entries which require automatic removal. A professional AV tool is a highly efficient method for achieving this.

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