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Clock Hand ads is one of the many applications developed by SuperWeb LLC. It is categorized as adware or a potentially unwanted program (PUP). Clock Hand ads offers to help you with your internet shopping. The program displays low priced products and hands out coupons for online shopping. This may sound useful, but the deals offered are not guaranteed to be safe. Clock Hand ads is simply a mediator for various websites. The program is not responsible for the reliability of the sites which it links to. When opening the advertisements, the users take the risk of being redirected to corrupted websites and letting in malware. If you do not wish to be flooded with potentially harmful messages, you should uninstall Clock Hand ads from your PC.

How did Clock Hand ads get installed to my computer?

This tool uses your distraction to sneak its way in. You probably do not recall choosing to have this program on your PC. This is because Clock Hand ads does not get transferred in the same manner as official software applications. The program uses other methods to enter your system. Most often, Clock Hand ads gets bundled with freeware and is installed together with it. The PUP will be offered as an optional installation, but instead of selecting it to get it installed, you have to deny it access. If you do not, it will get installed to your system. Other ways for Clock Hand ads to gain entrance include spam e-mail attachments, corrupted links and websites, as well as fake system and program updates. If you have found Clock Hand ads installed on your computer, it is best to remove it at once.

clock hand ads removal

How does Clock Hand ads pose a threat for my security?

The most obvious task this adware carries out is displaying pop-up ads each time you use your browser. They are easy to identify, as they will be titled as “Powered by Clock Hand ads”. The program works on the pay-per-click system. The more ads you follow, the greater profits its developers will make. Your system’s safety is not their priority, so it is up to you to protect it from unconfirmed web sources. Even if you try to avoid these ads, there is still a serious problem, apart from the obvious inconvenience of dealing with unnecessary promotions. Clock Hand ads follows your every move on the web, collecting all the data from your browsing sessions. The program then catalogs the details it has gathered and sends them to third parties without your knowledge or permission. This includes your browsing history, passwords, financial account data and other sensitive material. This information can be used by cyber criminals to steal from your accounts. The only way to cease the harmful activity of Clock Hand ads is to uninstall it from your PC.

How to remove Clock Hand ads?

You can perform a manual uninstall by using the instructions, provided just under the current paragraph. Please, make sure you follow them strictly from start to finish. Once you complete the process, you should consider scanning your machine for leftover files and registry entries. Clock Hand ads sometimes creates files in separate folders which do not get affected by a manual removal procedure. A professional AV tool may be required to locate and delete them.

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