CryptoTorLocker2015 Removal Guide

CryptoTorLocker2015 has been classified as a very dangerous Windows infection whose main purpose is to gain profit by encrypting your files and all the shortcuts it manages to find. These files are generally TXT and image files (e.g. .jpg and .txt files), though, in some cases, they could be with other extensions as well. Though, the big problem here, is that after being encrypted once, you cannot access these files anymore.

As soon as CryptoTorLocker2015 infects your PC, it starts erasing files immediately and creating vague imitations of them. The malicious infection adds a file named HOW TO DECRYPT FILES.txt, accompanied by instructions for decryption of files in all directories. If you open this file, you will be shown a message stating that you should pay a particular amount of money (usually 100 USD/100 EUR) in order to access your files again. However, the main problem here, is the fact that even if you pay the ransom, there is no guarantee that you will be able to open the encrypted files. Thus, paying the requested money is certainly not recommended.

Be aware that CryptoTorLocker2015 will try its best to convince you to pay the ‘decryption fee’, so it is no wonder that the infection will change your wallpaper. Additionally, some pop-up windows will continue to appear on your monitor and you won’t be able to use your PC as usually, until you don’t remove CryptoTorLocker2015 from the system.

Usually, computer users download ransomware infections when they open spam email attachments. Also, CryptoTorLocker2015 might have used other security loopholes or traveled bundled with other malicious applications, such as Trojans, keyloggers, etc. Though, no matter what the case is, the clandestine cryptolocker is capable of installing itself on your Windows operating system without asking for any permission. Nevertheless, once you notice the presence of CryptoTorLocker2015 on your computer, you must remove it immediately, or the threat will be able to corrupt more files or employ your operating system for other dangerous activity.

cryptotorlocker2015 removal

KeyHolder, Buyunlockcode Virus and SuperCrypt are cryptolocker ransomware that act similarly to CryptoTorLocker2015. Despite the fact that CryptoTorLocker2015 is not identical to these threats, it is very likely that any of them will corrupt your system if you do not keep it well-protected.

As the manual removal of CryptoTorLocker2015 is very complicated for ordinary computer users, deleting the infection from the system automatically is strongly recommended. In order to remove the malware entirely, you should setup a reliable antimalware removal tool which will locate and delete the CryptoTorLocker2015 files, as well as the other potential threats on your PC.

Unfortunately, even if you manage to clean your system properly, you should know that all shortcuts which have been corrupted cannot be restored. The purpose for corrupting them is to convince users that they will not be able to run their operating systems as usual, unless they pay the ransom. Remember that you should not pay it, because as soon as you erase CryptoTorLocker2015, you will be able to use your PC in a normal manner again.

In case, you need any assistance with the removal process of CryptoTorLocker2015, the instructions provided bellow will help you to install a trusted malware remover, which will keep your system clean and protected 24/7 a day.

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