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Dollar Saver is an adware application whose advertising point is saving you money. The program claims it can help you find good deals on the web which it shows through the ads it displays. However, these advertisements are provided by third parties who use Dollar Saver to pass on their content. The developers of this adware have not taken the responsibility for the ads’ security. It is virtually up to the user’s discretion whether or not to rely on them. Keep in mind that the risks of following an unconfirmed source can vary from allowing in other adware to more severe threats like ransomware infection and data theft. If you discover you have let Dollar Saver into your PC, it is best to delete it immediately.

How does Dollar Saver penetrate into your system?

The program has an official web source which promotes it under There is no link or sources for downloading the application on that website. This leads to the reasonable explanation that Dollar Saver uses indirect distribution methods. The program often travels in bundles with freeware. When you download a free software utility without checking its reliability or the source site, you risk downloading additional programs with it. Upon launching the installation file, you will be offered to include Dollar Saver as an additional application. If you do not uncheck the box for its installation, you will allow it to be installed. This makes it easy for Dollar Saver to make its way into your system, as many users skip through the separate steps in haste. We advise you to always familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of programs when installing them.

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What makes Dollar Saver a threat for my security?

The constant flow of ads is displayed to make profit for the developers of Dollar Saver. They use the pay-per-click system to make revenue from each link you follow. These links can be harmful due to their unconfirmed sources. Any of them can hide a redirect to a corrupted domain or automatically start a malware download when being followed. There is also the issue of exposing all the data you have entered into your computer to Dollar Saver. The program watches your every move and gathers every item of data you enter. Your browsing history, passwords, account details and other sensitive data is stored and sent to unknown third parties. They can use the information they acquire for their malicious intentions. To prevent having your accounts taken over, you need to uninstall Dollar Saver with all of its components.

How can Dollar Saver be deleted?

You can remove this program just like any other software application. Complete instructions for the removal process can be found below this paragraph. Please, be sure to do all the steps listed while maintaining their order. You should know that after you remove adware programs by hand, there is a risk that they could leave temporary files or make registry changes which remain on your hard drive afterwards. These elements could work as a hole in your security and let malware in in the future. To locate and remove them, you need to use an automatic antivirus tool.

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