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iLivid is a program which seems to be aimed at assisting users when downloading files. The program offers its users “powerful features that make it the fastest and easiest way to download hosted files”. However, it turns out that users who have this tool on their PCs often cannot recall having downloaded it at all. Also, apart from this tool, they say to have numerous other new programs which are suspicious. Experts classify the tool as a potentially unwanted program and advise users to uninstall iLivid virus, before hackers have managed do exploits vulnerabilities in the user’s PCs and the running programs.

How does iLivid virus come to computers?

Ilivid can be downloaded from its website There, users are presented with the functionalists of the program. This is a download manager that wants to make it easy for users to download videos from hosting websites. Also, the tool comes with extra features, including a VLC streamer and online video downloader. Indeed, this seems to be the greatest torrent manager and it even claims to be 100% and 100% safe. Still, further research shows that this application is not as harmless as it seems.

ilivid virus removal

Many of the users who say they have this program running on their PCs do not know when it was downloaded. This is due to the fact that apart from its official website, the program can be also transferred to computers without being noticed by their users and this usually happens when it comes bundled with freeware software from unknown or suspicious web pages. Another trick used to be downloaded to as many PCs as possible is with the help of web links which automatically download it when a user clicks on them. Last, but not least, iLivid may be transferred with spam e-mail messages. As you can see, not all of the ways used by the program to be downloaded to PCs seem legitimate. Moreover, it comes together with many other tools and this is why security specialists call the application a potentially unwanted program.

As we have already mentioned, iLivid also downloads other software to the user’s machine. First, the program asks the user to change the home page and the default search provider to If you do not follow the installation steps closely, you may not see when the program has modified your browser’s settings. But these are not the only unexpected steps from the installation process. As a part of its installation, iLivid also downloads the browser add-on Cheapster and transfers the unknown tool Eventually, when the installation is complete and you launch your browser, you will see that ads are popping up while you are browsing the net. Also, users who have iLivid say that all their web sessions are redirected to unknown pages and their final search results include unknown links which are not connected to the search.

Apart from really annoying, security specialist explain that these ads and redirects are really tricky and they expose the user’s PC and information to a great security risk. In case that the users’ browsing sessions are navigated to insecure sites, it is possible that hackers’ viruses will be transferred to the user’s computer. Finally, cyber criminals may manage to take financial and personal details from the users, including bank account information, online credentials and other sensitive data. Later, this information can be used to steal the user’s money or even identity. This is why it is recommended by computer experts to remove iLivid virus from the system, as well as any unreliable programs.

How to remove iLivid virus?

The best way to clean your whole system from any potential attackers and unwanted programs is to use a reliable removal guide and uninstall the suspicious software. Then, check the computer with the help of an automatic security application and delete any detected viruses or suspicious files.

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