Removal Guide is a browser hijacker which will take over your settings after it gets installed. This tool will change your homepage and default search engine to its own site. The program will claim that the alterations it makes are aimed at optimizing your search capability. It does not state, however, that the results it displays are supported. This kind of advertisements may not be reliable and it is risky to follow them. Programs like can take advantage of the option to spread marketing content for honorary pay. The amount the developers of the program receive is determined by the number of ads users follow.

How did get installed to my computer?

The program uses the help of other software applications to gain access to your PC. In most cases, enters together with freeware. The program gets included in a bundled file and in the installation package of another software program. To spot it, you need to read through the terms and conditions of software applications carefully. Otherwise you may allow it in without noticing. You would only see it after it has made its way inside your machine and tampered with your settings. Seeing the diversionary tactics uses to enter your computer, it may not be a surprise that its activity is questionable, as well. If you prefer to spare yourself the troubles, you should take the necessary steps to remove as soon as you notice it on your PC. removal

How is dangerous for your computer?

As a hijacker, will start off by changing your default search engine and homepage. The program works on Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox and makes changes to all browsers you have installed to your PC. You should know that these changes affect the search results that are being returned and this is not in terms of optimization. The difference between your regular search results and the ones provided by is that the hijacker adds sponsored web pages which are paid for by third parties. The same kind of entities are responsible for the distribution of the ads which displays. All these links could be potentially harmful. In the same way that itself gets distributed, the unconfirmed sources can transfer various kinds of malware and rougeware. It is necessary to do your own safety check regarding the tools you allow on your machine and the websites you trust. When encountering a program like, you should immediately delete it.

How to remove from my computer?

Since is a browser extension, you can delete it from your computer by hand. The full instructions for the removal procedure can be found right below this paragraph. Please, be advised that hijackers often make additional folders or files which are not in their default directory and do not get removed when uninstalling the program. The data they contain can leave the door open for to reenter your system. To prevent this from happening, you need to run a complete system scan with an antivirus application.

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