Removal Guide is a website which seems to belong to a reliable search provider. Indeed, when you look at the page for the first time, you will easily confuse it with a reliable search engine. However, the truth is that it only looks similar to reliable engines. This is an ad-supported page which wants to be set for a default search engine on a user’s PC once it has hijacked the user’s browser. Also, the page usually is set for a user’s homepage and search provider even without the user’s confirmation. This is why it is said to be a browser hijacker and its use is not recommended. Moreover, the site is associated with pop-up ads and banners and it is said to be risky to follow any of them. To avoid the risk of becoming a victim of accidental hackers’ attacks, remove hijacker from the system as soon as you can.

What does do?

In case that you have set for your homepage and you are wondering how this change was made, the truth is that probably some potentially unwanted program has made this site your default search engine and homepage. The most common way in which the page comes to your PC is as a result of clicking on an unreliable web link, downloading a suspicious computer program or opening a spam e-mail attachment. In case that you have done any of these things or you have browsed some insecure websites, it is likely that hijacker has penetrated into your PC. removal

Usually, is made a home page and default search provider for the browsers Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. As the site becomes a default engine, it starts managing all searches and redirects its users to different sponsored pages. Some of these pages may not be at all relevant to the users’ searches. Also, they may contain insecure information and may even belong to hackers. If users happen to be taken to compromised sites, their machines may be attacked by malicious viruses and harmful infections. Moreover, the user’s personal and financial details may be shared with unreliable third parties. If this happens, the user will not be able to stop cyber criminals from misusing their sensitive information.

Because of the serious problems that can be caused by the redirects, it is recommended that you do not use, but you replace it with a reliable homepage and choose a well-known search engine. First of all, you will have to uninstall hijacker.

How to remove

To strop the popping up ads, you will need a reliable removal tool to get rid of Also, you will have to replace your default search provider. However, even if you have made all these changes, you still need to run a full scan f the whole system in order to detect any potential threats and attackers. To do that, use a reliable AV program and check the whole system for intruders or threats.

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Hi, my name is Laran. I am keen in computers and science since my childhood. Now, I study computer science in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. I run this website in effort to try to help PC users to clean their machines from malware. Any comments to my malware removal instructions are welcome.

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