Removal Guide is developed to reset your homepage and search engine upon entering your system. This program makes unwanted changes to your computer for the purpose of shifting your attention to the content it promotes. This gives it a better chance of having users follow the links it provides. is created for this exact purpose, as it raises profit from advertisements. It shows supported web links and collects payment according to the number of clicks the ads generate. The problem with this methodology is that it excludes the safety of computer users. The results and ads they follow may be compromised. does not account for such instances, so it is up to you to keep your system protected.

How does acquire your permission to get installed?

Many users are puzzled as to how seemed to randomly appear on their browsers. If you do not have memory of letting this program in, we can elaborate. utilizes a technique called software bundling. The program gets included in an installation package with freeware and tries to get installed together with it. will be included optionally, but you have to specify that you do not wish to have it installed. This option will be marked somewhere in the installation steps of the freeware you have downloaded. Many users do not take the time and effort to get themselves well acquainted with the agreements they are accepting when installing programs. A seemingly minor diversion can go a long way, as this is what dangerous software takes advantage of. The source of download for your software is also important, as can be attached to legitimate applications, if they have been found on unconfirmed websites. Programs such as Foxit Reader, VLC, and Java are among the applications the good reputation of which has been misused to spread this unwanted software.

mystartsearch removal

How is harmful for my computer?

The program makes corrections to your settings that change your browser’s functionality. Your homepage will be changed and your default search engine reset to The risk here, as explained above, is that the results this engine returns are sponsored and belong to undisclosed third parties. Since there is no guarantee for their reliability, they may be risky to follow. Both the search results and the pop-up ads displayed directly by can contain malware. There is no way to restore your default settings and halt the influx of pop-ups while the program is still installed to your computer. You need to delete immediately after locating it to prevent any possible damage to your system.

How to remove

You can uninstall from your Control Panel. We have compiled a list of instructions which will help you remove this application by yourself. Please, take the time to do all steps from the guide and maintain their order. You should know that often leaves file and registry traces which are used to give back access into your system. After you have completed the removal procedure, you should run a scan of your machine with a reliable AV program to make sure all potentially harmful data has been disposed of.

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