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PC Optimizer Pro is a potentially unwanted program (PUP, for short) which poses as a legitimate AV tool. This application tries to trick users to buy its full version which is supposed to track down and remove threats from computers. The truth is that the program does not provide the reliable services it states to. This tool cannot locate real PC threats and remove them. The results given from the bogus scans conducted by PC Optimizer Pro should not be relied on. You should not believe the claims made by this application and buy its full version. It will not help you. PC Optimizer Pro only leads to problems in its own right. We urge you to delete it from your system as soon as you detect its presence.

How did PC Optimizer Pro make its way into my system?

PC Optimizer Pro has an official website at pcoptimizerpro.com which is used to promote it as a reliable tool. However, it cannot be downloaded from there. It is usually let in by freeware. This is the most widely spread means of distribution which takes advantage of users’ distraction and disinformation. If you are not careful enough when browsing the web for programs, you may download a bundle with undesired software included. During the installation process, you will be asked whether you want to install PC Optimizer Pro together with the program you regularly downloaded. You may not even notice that you are accepting to install this PUP, as it will be briefly mentioned somewhere in the installation steps and checked as approved for installation. To locate such compromising material, you need to be careful when running an installation wizard. If you find that you have allowed PC Optimizer Pro in, do not be fooled by its messages and do not accept to pay for its full version.

pc optimizer pro removal

What are the dangers related to PC Optimizer Pro?

Upon entering your computer, this tool will start carrying out various tasks without your knowledge or approval. PC Optimizer Pro does scans which return bogus results to try to lure you in to purchase its full version. You should know that these results are not reliable, as the scan returns fake alerts about serious infections to convince you you need the program’s services. Even if you ignore these results, the unauthorized scans will likely slow down your machine’s performance and interfere with your work routine. There is another, even more concerning issue about PC Optimizer Pro. The program can monitor your online activity and safe all the information from your browsing sessions. This includes passwords, financial account details and other sensitive data. The PUP then sends these details to cyber criminals who use them to hack your accounts. As you can see how serious the issues related to this malicious tool are, it goes without saying that it is vital to take immediate measures and remove PC Optimizer Pro as soon as you spot it on your machine.

How do I uninstall PC Optimizer Pro?

You can choose to perform a manual removal, if you believe you have sufficient computer knowledge. For further instructions, you can follow the guide below. After you complete this process, it is advisable to run an automatic scan to locate any files which may be left from the program’s activity, like temporary files or registry entries. At times, deleting PC Optimizer Pro by hand is insufficient to remove all potentially harmful data and using an AV tool may be necessary.

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