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FunCustomCreations is an adware application which offers to help you search through the internet for graphics. It looks for photocards, templates, printables, themed scrapbooks, photo collages, and one click design. The software is particularly promoted for Chrome New Tab. It is compatible with the three most widely used web browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer. The reason why the software is not considered reliable is because it performs tasks, characteristic of adware programs. The tool generates commercial advertisements which are not related to the free graphic features it offers to search for. FunCustomCreations makes sure you see these ads and does its best to get you to follow them. The program displays the ad windows on top of all your browser tabs and makes unauthorized changes to your internet settings. The tool will reset your homepage and search engine and insert promoted sites into your result pages. FunCustomCreations can also track your activity on the web and record details from your sessions and your accounts. The only way to keep your PC protected from external attacks and your data inviolable is to delete this adware as soon as you spot its presence.

How did FunCustomCreations get access to my computer?

You can add FunCustomCreations to your browser as a plugin by using the link on its official website, When you click on the button, you will be asked to confirm that you accept the software’s terms of use. They include allowing the program to read and change the data on the websites you visit and your browsing history, as well as manage your apps, extensions, themes and downloads. It is not stated why the plugin does this and what will the changes result in. On another note, there is a chance that you may not have decided to use this tool at all. If you do not recall visiting its website and adding it to your browser, you did not just happen to forget. FunCustomCreations can be installed without your request. The plugin will ask you for permission to be added to your computer. This is done with the help of another program, usually a freeware application. FunCustomCreations uses the software as a download client to enter your PC and attempts to get installed with it. It does not run its own process, but is simply ticked in as an extra tool with the program you are installing. To avoid letting it in, you have to deselect it from the list of additional tools.

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Why is FunCustomCreations considered a security risk?

The fact that FunCustomCreations carries out unadvertised tasks is peculiar to begin with. Legitimate programs always list all of their services as part of their promotion. Research has shown that the product advertisements, offered by FunCustomCreations, are displayed to generate proceeds. The adware gets paid in commissions for each click the users make on these ads. You should know more about the terms of FunCustomCreations. The program is owned by Mindspark Interactive Network, Inc., a company from Yonkers, New York. The website is powered by MyWay. The EULA, listed on the website, elaborates that the program can carry out certain tasks upon being installed. By keeping it on your system, you agree to allow it to do so. You are not entitled to seek retribution for any errors to your system, caused by the use of the software. This includes getting infected from a malicious redirect link, contained in the ads, as well as having your personal data stolen. FunCustomCreations resets your homepage and default search engine to Although this engine is considered reliable, the adware has found a weakness in it that allows it to change its settings and include sponsored links in the result pages. The program also facilitates the task of collecting input from your browser with the changes it makes.

How can I uninstall FunCustomCreations from my PC?

FunCustomCreations can be uninstalled manually. You can find a complete guide on the steps you need to take right after this paragraph. After deleting the program and resetting your browser, you can do a system scan to make sure all your issues have been resolved.

Why should I scan my computer afterwards?

FunCustomCreations is known to implement changes to your registries which make it possible for it to enter your system again in the future. They need to be deleted. Since the program can travel in bundles, there is a possibility that it did not arrive alone. A scan with a professional AV tool is useful to make sure all compromised data is removed from your system.

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