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Gameo is an app that offers you quick access to a wide array of free PC games. They can be accessed through the Android app. The tool is offered for free from its official website. You may be intrigued by the different kinds of games you will be able to play online, but we do not suggest acquiring Gameo. There are some risks around the program due to which it has been categorized as adware. Since the software is free, it uses other means of being profitable for its developers. Gameo is ad-supported. It displays pop-ups, banners, inline and in-text ads. They are mostly for shopping deals. E-commerce is not a part of the business initiatives of the company behind Gameo and the websites you are forwarded to are owned by other companies. There is no guarantee that they are legitimate online shopping platforms. They could take you to a malicious website, spreading malware. It is best to disregard these ads and have the adware removed from your computer as soon as you notice its presence.

Gameo has an official website, registered at On top of the homepage, there is a green button that reads “get Gameo now”. The app is available as an extension to your browser, but requires you to sign in to your Gmail account to add it. The program is compatible with all web browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Safari. Gameo’s website looks reliable at first glance. There are no third party ads and all the necessary information about its owners and its use is listed. offers a search engine you can use to find a specific game and encompasses a wide range of categories you can choose from. The site has its own Google+, Twitter, and Facebook accounts. However, if you did not decide to use this website and the extension it offers, you would know that something is wrong. Gameo can be transferred indirectly. It often travels in bundles with other software. The adware can try to get installed together with the program you have downloaded per your own decision. You can easily prevent this. You just have to read the terms and conditions for new software when installing it and deselect any suspicious additional tools. For some reason, people often neglect the importance of getting acquainted with the agreement they are accepting and thus fail to prevent unwanted software from entering their PC.

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Gaming entertainment may be the promoted service of Gameo, but the program is not centered around it. Once this application gets added to your browser, you will see that it is aggressive in its advertising campaign. The adware displays pop-up windows each time you attempt to use your browser. You should take the program’s EULA and privacy policy into account before clicking on any of them. It is stated that the owners of Gameo are not responsible for the third party ads. You have to look out for your security on your own. The company which developed this software is called IronSource Technologies Ltd. It is headquartered in Tel-Aviv, Israel. The owners of the website are a different entity, though. The platform is the possession of UserVoice Inc., a firm from Arlington, Virginia. There is more information about this company on the website. The divided ownership makes it even more difficult to contact either entity for any purpose. Finally, you should also keep in mind that Gameo accesses your data from your Gmail account. The adware may use your personal input without your knowledge or permission. You need to uninstall it to keep the privacy of your personal information intact.

Gameo has to be removed from both your Control Panel and your browser in order to completely put a halt to its activity and deny it access to your browser. You can find a complete removal guide under the current paragraph to help you carry out the process. Another measure you can take is to do a full system scan. An AV tool is the best measure against adware programs. The reason this is recommended is because Gameo can help other dubious software get access to your PC.

Remove Gameo from your computer

Windows 8
1. Click Win+X and go to your computer’s Control Panel.
2. Select Uninstall a Program and choose the unwanted application from the list.
3. Click Uninstall to remove the program.

Windows 7
1. Open the Windows Start menu and navigate to the Control Panel.
2. Choose Uninstall a Program and remove the app from the list.

Windows XP
1. Open your Windows Start menu and go to your Control Panel.
2. Click Add or Remove Programs.
3. Locate the unwanted program in the list and remove it.

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