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Price Slicer is another browser extension aimed at helping you find the best available web deals and discounts. Although the program claims to be created to assist its users in saving money when shopping online, it is reported that it also comes with numerous pop-up ads, banners and causes redirects to third-party websites. All of this is made to increase the revenue of the tool. However, the application will not take you only to well-known sites. It may also navigate your web sessions to unknown pages and all of this may result in letting harmful infections into your PC. To avoid such serious problems, remove Price Slicer adware tool from your PC once noticed.

How is Price Slicer downloaded to PCs?

There is an official web page which belongs to Price Slicer. You can find it at At first glance it seems to be a reliable source from which you can get the program. There is a green Download now button available, but when you click on it, contrary to your expectations, a transfer of an installation package will not be started. What is even more suspicious is that you will see an alert notifying you that Price Slicer is currently unavailable. Still, as the services provided by the tool seem interesting, you may be wondering how you can get it. The application is often downloaded together with other software, including potentially unwanted programs from third-party websites. Also, it can be automatically transferred to your computer when you click on suspicious web links by mistake or you download attachments to spam email messages.

remove price slicer

As soon as the program is transferred to a user’s computer, it changes settings chosen by the user for the browser. A different home page and search provider are set and thus soon the program starts controlling all browsing sessions. As these modifications result in submitting all your browsing sessions into the hands of Price Slicer, it is instead advised to get rid of the tool immediately. You also have to check the system for infiltrated infections or compromised files. There is no other way to protect the PC from computer viruses and fatal security problems.

How to remove Price Slicer adware?

Follow the guide the steps of which are shown below. It is important to apply all of them and not skip any, because this will help you eliminate Price Slicer completely. Also, use a reliable AV program to scan the system for infections.

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