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Results Hub is an unreliable search engine which supports the activity of browser hijackers. The platform is presented as an alternative search provider which should apparently improve your search results. There is really no elaboration no how it is supposed to do this. The engine does not provide any additional search specifications different from the ones of popular websites like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The website actually has less search filters. There are no separate tabs for sorting the results in pictures, videos or any other category. The problem with Results Hub is not that it is not helpful. If this was the only issue with it, you would just be able to avoid it. The problem is that Results Hub cannot be avoided. Once a hijacker starts using it, it will set it as your default homepage and search engine. The malicious program will tamper with your settings and not allow you to revert back to your custom preferences. The platform will be used to display various advertisements from questionable sources and monitor your browsing sessions. The hijacker can collect all kinds of data from your machine and use it as it sees fit. You can only prevent this by removing Results Hub from your PC.

How did Results Hub penetrate my browser?

The URL of this unreliable search provider is You probably did not visit this page at all, all the less decide to set it as your default. The alterations to your browser were made by a hijacker. The program in question has somehow penetrated your system and started using the Results Hub website for fulfilling its goals. These kinds of unreliable programs use clandestine methods to enter your system undetected. The most widely spread penetration method is software bundling. The hijacker will be included in the same setup file as the tool you have willingly decided to use. If you did not read the installation agreement, you would not have seen that there were additional programs ticked for install. This is why skipping through the installation steps is never advised. Other possible ways for the hijacker behind Results Hub to enter your system include spam e-mail attachments, compromised websites and links. Regardless how the unreliable program entered your PC, you will quickly be made aware of its presence. Take this as your advantage that can allow you to eliminate it before it manages to cause any damage to your system.

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What are the dangers, associated to Results Hub?

This platform is not safe to use for conducting your searches. The domain is registered under a company called Candle Jar. This entity gets paid to include supported websites amid the regular search results and display pop-up windows, banners, coupons, interstitial ads and other kinds of promoted deals intrusively on top of your browser windows. Results Hub does not give you an option to control the ad flow. It floods you with commercial spam material every time you launch your browser. The hijacker behind the search engine can modify your settings on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. will become your homepage and default search engine. Every time you try to change your settings, the hijacker will change them back. Results Hub is also used to help the malicious program monitor your activity on the web. The hijacker will collect data from your browsing sessions and your machine’s attributes. Your history, cookies, IP address, geographic location, and even your account login details and entries can become the subject of data gathering. Your sensitive information can fall into the wrong hands. There is no reason to gamble with your security. Do not hesitate to remove Results Hub from your system as fast as you can.

How to eliminate Results Hub from my browser and system?

The hijacker behind the Results Hub engine is the program you need to delete to restore your security. The process can be done manually. Please, follow the guide below for full instructions. Another measure you should take is to conduct a scan of your computer.

Why should I use an antivirus program?

Doing a scan with an AV tool is the surest way of disposing of all undesired software from your machine. A platform like Results Hub can open the door for all kinds of suspicious programs that could cause problems to your PC. Doing a full system scan can locate and delete any kind of infection from any directory.

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