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Suptab adware tool was reported to have been unexpectedly installed on a user’s PC yesterday. The user, a 23-year-old girl from Florida, found the browser hijacker attached to her browser and contacted her security program support team to ask for help with its removal. When the researchers from the antivirus lab checked the add-on, it became clear that this is not the only case of unauthorized installation of the program.

Security experts reported a rise in the number of browsers on which the adware provider has been installed. Although it is believed to be a harmless browser add-on, security specialists observe some really aggressive behavior of the application and say that users should be aware of the serious problems that may be caused due to the presence of the hijacker on computers.

As the number of computers on which Suptab is installed without the knowledge of their users is increasing, researchers find it important to stop the tool before it has managed silently to gain access to even more PCs. The program is classified as an adware tool and to be installed on more machines, it has its own ways of transportation. The application is often attached to freeware downloads and software promoted on unknown third-party sites. If a user installs a questionable program on his PC, together with it Suptab hijacker may be also downloaded. The more users download the suspicious third-party tool, the better for its developers. The creators of Suptab adware benefit from this and this is why the tool is aimed at penetrating without being noticed into users’ machines. Its installation can be stopped if the user chooses the custom installation option, but usually users do not at all notice that some additional program is installed together with the main software.

As a result, security specialists have found Suptab hijacker configured on numerous browsers. Among the users who have reported that the add-on has been unexpectedly attached to their browsers are Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox users. After the tool has been silently downloaded, it changes some of the browser’s settings and as a result takes full control over all the user’s browsing sessions and web searches.

Computer specialists from leading labs have reported that once installed on a PC, the program does never stay hidden and it always demonstrates its presence. Users say that they see numerous popping up ads and banners while they are browsing the net. Even though most of the ads are not related to the users’ browsing interests, people who click on these messages are immediately redirected to third-party sites.

The idea of Suptab adware tool is to promote products and services from the third-party sites to which it is connected. The program is linked to numerous such pages and receives a commission for increasing their web traffic. Before taking its users to any of these sites, the program does not check their reputation, content or intentions. The tool relies on redirecting its users to as many sponsored pages as possible to make money. This is why, even if some of the pages are compromised or unreliable, the adware provider will not be aware of that and will redirect its users to them as if they were reliable and secure web sites.

Security specialists comments that this behavior of Suptab adware program poses a really serious risk to the user’s security and combined with the fact that the application may collect some sensitive information that belongs to its users, as well as it may monitor the users’ browsing sessions, makes the tool a potentially unwanted program.

What is really concerning about this tool is that if the redirects it causes take its users to compromised web sites or pages developed and used by hackers, this will eventually lead to a fatal infection of the user’s PC and theft of the user’s personal and financial details. Even though Suptab adware provider is not a virus and it does not serve cyber criminals, the unregulated and insecure redirects it causes may turn out to be the cause for successful attacks of hackers’ viruses.

Computer experts warn that it is of prior importance for PC users to know how to avoid installing Suptab browser extension on their machines. Researchers comment that keeping your applications up-to-date is really important. Moreover, users should have a reliable AV program with which to scan their PCs and remove any found threats. It is vital to install only reliable and well-known programs, as well as keep an eye on any additional software that is transferred to your computer in order to avoid the installation of potentially unwanted programs like Suptab.

In this way experts say that the risk of finding your computer compromised will be significantly reduced, as well as users’ information will not be stolen or misused by hackers. However, for the moment the still growing number of browsers on which Suptab adware program is found is really worrying and this is why users should be really careful when browsing the net, researchers warn.

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