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SushiLeads is a program which conducts searches for specialists in all kinds of fields. It offers help in finding a capable professional in your area of residence. The tool filters the data of technical and mechanical service providers, registered on the web, and offers you a list of their names and contacts. This sounds good on paper and it may be helpful, but SushiLeads does not limit its activity to this service. The program will also offer you advertisements for products at discount prices, shopping coupons and other kinds of bargain deals. Your browser will be flooded by pop-ups, banners, interstitial ads and other kinds of intrusive content. SushiLeads receives commissions for linking to third party websites. The program does not guarantee their legitimacy, though, so you may end up encountering an infection by opening any of the ad windows. The program also monitors your behavior on the web and gathers various kinds of data from your browser. Due to these risks, SushiLeads has been categorized under adware.

How did SushiLeads make its way into my PC?

SushiLeads is not offered for download from its official website, The program does need your permission to get installed to your computer. It is very resourceful at getting the green light without you realizing. The adware can be spread in one of the following ways. First off, we must mention the concept of software bundling. This process involves using a certain program, usually freeware, to transfer the designated adware application to the user’s computer. This is done subtly, so that people would not exclude the unwanted tool from the installation conditions. SushiLeads will be listed as an optional program which you can deselect from the options menu, listed in the installation terms. If you click the “next” button in each step, the program will automatically get your permission for its installation. The other ways for SushiLeads to enter your PC are spam e-mail attachments and unreliable sources. A fake website, compromised link or unreliable ad can lead to the adware getting installed to your machine.

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What are the risks, stemming from the activity of SushiLeads?

The unannounced service of product linking is risky because of the unconfirmed sources SushiLeads uses. The adware works on the pay-per-click system and is solely interested in getting you to follow as many ads as possible. It observes your behavior and takes notes on your preferences. Then it relates the content it displays to you in particular to your browsing habits. Many of the ads may contain similar products to the ones you have recently looked up on various shopping sites. The entity behind the program, SushiLeads PPC, does not take responsibility for the websites it links to. The company uses the backdoor that it is not obliged to take accountability for third party content. If you choose to follow any of its advertisements, this is your risk alone. You should also be warned that the adware will use the data it gathers on you for other purposes, besides choosing appropriate ads. SushiLeads sells the input from your sessions for further financial gains. The program has stated in its privacy policy that it can collect personally identifiable information (PII). This includes your IP address, your tracking cookies and some data from your personal online accounts. If you think the risk is too great, you should uninstall SushiLeads from your computer.

How can I remove SushiLeads from my machine?

This program can be removed manually. You can find a full manual removal guide for SushiLeads below this paragraph. Once you have successfully uninstalled the adware, you can do a system scan with a reliable AV tool to look for other potential threats.

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