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Systweak Support Dock is a multifunctional program. It is one of the many products of Systweak Software. The tool’s functions include fixing errors, recovering lost files, and improving the computer’s speed of performance. Although this program may appear to be useful and legitimate, it employs some deceptive tactics you should know about. Systweak Support Dock conducts scans every time on system start-up. It returns multiple error results. Research has shown that some of them are legitimate, but others aren’t. The program aims to get you to believe that your system needs to be repaired. According to the error notifications, not all of the problems found can be resolved by Systweak Support Dock itself. The tool recommends other software applications that are also developed by Systweak Software, but are paid to use. There may not be legitimate errors on your system and, even if there are, the recommended software may not be able to fix them. Systweak Support Dock has ultimately been classified as a potentially unwanted program (PUP) which does not really serve a good purpose and should be removed.

Systweak Support Dock can be downloaded for free from the company’s website. Systweak Software offers both free and paid programs. The company is based in Jaipur, India. Systweak Support Dock is a different case in terms of distribution and marketing. Since the tool is free, it is distributed together with another product – the RegCleanPro program. There is a catch here. It is not even mentioned that Systweak Support Dock is included in the installation package of RegCleanPro. The program uses other methods of distribution which are not related to software, developed by its creators. Systweak Support Dock can be transferred to your PC by a third party program. The tool usually gets bundled with freeware, since people often install these kinds of applications without giving it much thought. You should always get acquainted with the terms of use of a program you are installing to your PC. Never accept any unconfirmed additional tools. Reliable programs are not accustomed to using indirect distribution techniques, so you would likely come across a malicious piece of software this way.

remove systweak support dock

The services offered by Systweak Support Dock are not as useful as they sound. As already mentioned, the results its scans return are not reliable. The PUP displays some non-existing errors to make it appear that there are a lot of errors on your system that need to be tended to. The fact that Systweak Support Dock launches itself and conducts scans without being authorized is a good indication that the program is not reliable. Legitimate applications only function when the user specifies. The reason why Systweak Support Dock does these checkups is to offer you the paid software, created by its developers. They may be as unhelpful as this PUP. The programs and services, offered by Systweak Software, are generally not considered useful. This goes for all software, developed by the company, and the online support. Besides offering you software to purchase, Systweak Support Dock may also advise you to contact its technical department. The information you will be given may not be helpful and the support agent will probably try to sell you some piece of software over the phone. If you wish to spare yourself the inconvenience of dealing with Systweak Support Dock, there is no need to postpone its removal.

This program can be removed by hand. You will find Systweak Support Dock listed in your Control Panel. You can use the guide below to help you uninstall it from your PC. Another measure you can take is to conduct an automatic system scan with an AV program. Potentially unwanted programs often leave behind temporary files in separate folders or make unauthorized registry changes. This data can allow Systweak Support Dock to get installed to your system again.

Remove Systweak Support Dock from your computer

Windows 8
1. Click Win+X and go to your computer’s Control Panel.
2. Select Uninstall a Program and choose the unwanted application from the list.
3. Click Uninstall to remove the program.

Windows 7
1. Open the Windows Start menu and navigate to the Control Panel.
2. Choose Uninstall a Program and remove the app from the list.

Windows XP
1. Open your Windows Start menu and go to your Control Panel.
2. Click Add or Remove Programs.
3. Locate the unwanted program in the list and remove it.

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