TornTV Removal Guide

Step-by-step guide on how to remove TornTV from your computer.

TornTV is a browser hijacker, developed by Cool Mirage Ltd. This program hides its questionable goals behind seemingly legitimate tasks. It will offer you free online sports programs. There may be no apparent indication that TornTV is risky to use, but there are security threats hidden behind the program’s service offering. This hijacker is associated to notorious malevolent applications which can be a threat for your data confidentiality and your system’s security. To maintain your safety, you should not rely on TornTV and have it removed from your PC.

How does TornTV get access to my computer?

There is an official website for TornTV which also provides a download link. You may have been lead to believe that the content advertised at is reliable and downloaded this application yourself. If you do not recall doing so, there is a good explanation as to why. The program often comes in software bundles. If you tend to download freeware, you may have come across TornTV. This hijacker gets offered together with the free software tool you have downloaded willingly. The optional installation will be listed somewhere in the terms and conditions and be marked as approved. If you do not deny TornTV access, it will be installed to your system. It should be noted that TornTV often travels alongside CouponDropDown, a malicious hijacker which should also be avoided at all cost. Please, be selective of your online sources and always be attentive when performing your program installations. Do not hesitate to delete TornTV, if it is currently installed to your PC.

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What is dangerous about TornTV?

There are a number of issues which make TornTV a dangerous application. The program will display ads in your browser window which should not be relied on. It will also constantly redirect you to its official website. Your PC’s performance may slow down from the incessant ad flow. This will surely interfere with your computer-related tasks and hinder you from using your system normally. There is also an issue, deriving from another program TornTV is often associated with, namely Backdoor.Bifrose. This tool is very dangerous, as it is known to keep track of your browsing activity and collect all the information from your work on the computer. There is a risk of data theft, so if you have TornTV running on your PC, you should also check to see if Backdoor.Bifrose is also present. Both programs should be removed as soon as possible to prevent any security problems for your machine.

How can TornTV be uninstalled from my computer?

You can perform the uninstall process on your own, if you feel you are skilled enough at handling this kind of task. To remove TornTV by hand, you can follow the guide we have compiled. Please take note that deleting the hijacker from your Control Panel may not be sufficient to dispose of all potentially harmful data associated to its activity. The program could possibly leave behind temporary files and registry entries which could be used as a security hole and let in malware. To completely cleanse your system of potential dangers, you should do a full scan with a professional AV tool.

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