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WindeskWinsearch is a program which offers to help you access a number of commonly used features directly through your desktop. The tool provides links to popular websites, and, as well as direct access buttons to Notepad, Calculator and Microsoft Word. There seems to be nothing wrong with this app at first glance, but if you have it installed, you will see some questionable activity. WindeskWinsearch displays online shopping ads which are not related to its advertised activity. The program uses these advertisements for making proceeds through the user’s clicks. This is a well-known tactic, deployed by adware applications and potentially unwanted programs (PUP). WindeskWinsearch itself is categorized as a potentially unwanted program because the advertising is considered unreliable. This activity is the way these free tools bring proceeds to their developers. Every link you follow is recorded and it adds to the honorary payment the entity behind WindeskWinsearch receives. Needless to say, you should never follow any unconfirmed ads. It is best to have this PUP removed to keep your system secure.

How did WindeskWinsearch penetrate my system?

WindeskWinsearch is not offered through a website of its own. If you search for the program on a reliable software platform, you will not find it. This is a common trait for adware and PUPs that allows them to keep a low profile and have their developers remain anonymous. Of course, an explanation is due as to how the program got installed to your PC. WindeskWinsearch uses a method called software bundling. This technique involves using another program to let it in. The tool’s installer is included in the same setup file as that of another piece of software. When you commence the installation process of the software you have decided to use, the PUP will be listed in the installation terms as an extra feature you can approve or wave off. WindeskWinsearch is selected per default, so that it will be installed to the computers of incautious users. This is why you have to read through the terms and conditions of software you install and remove the check mark from the box next to additional tools. It is best to stick to confirmed programs and reliable websites when searching for the right software to keep a distance from dubious applications.

What is risky about WindeskWinsearch?

The links WindeskWinsearch features really do lead to the websites that are listed. The program adds a toolbar on top of your browser window through which it offers the direct access buttons. However, the program has other dubious characteristics. You should simply bookmark the sites it links to and put quick access icons to the tools, if you use them often. WindeskWinsearch supports ads and makes changes to your search settings. The tool displays product offers without being asked to and redirects your queries to the Bing search engine with the help of a clandestine platform, located at the URL address The PUP will add sponsored websites alongside your regular results which will be presented as legitimate. There is a great chance of contacting a malicious program without even realizing you are following an external source. If you do not wish to take any unnecessary risks, you should take measures to remove WindeskWinsearch from your computer as soon as the program’s presence becomes evident.

How can WindeskWinsearch be uninstalled from my PC?

You can remove WindeskWinsearch by hand. We have taken the liberty of providing a full uninstall guide which is listed following this paragraph. Please, make sure you follow all the steps in the correct order.

Remove WindeskWinsearch from your computer

Windows 8
1. Click Win+X and go to your computer’s Control Panel.
2. Select Uninstall a Program and choose the unwanted application from the list.
3. Click Uninstall to remove the program.

Windows 7
1. Open the Windows Start menu and navigate to the Control Panel.
2. Choose Uninstall a Program and remove the app from the list.

Windows XP
1. Open your Windows Start menu and go to your Control Panel.
2. Click Add or Remove Programs.
3. Locate the unwanted program in the list and remove it.

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