YTDownloader Virus Removal

Infected with YTDownloader? Follow these instructions and remove YTDownloader from your computer.

The YTDownloader virus is a potentially unwanted program (PUP) which will offer you services that make it seem like a reliable tool. It will help you download videos from YouTube in different formats, compatible with various devices. This seems convenient in itself, but it is not the only function this program has. YTDownloader makes changes to your settings without asking for permission and performs other tasks without notifying you. These actions interfere with your online security and may lead to malicious programs entering your system. We advise you to remove the YTDownloader virus as soon as possible to avoid any problems on your machine.

How did the YTDownloader virus get installed to my computer?

This program has an official website which includes a downloading link: This is not the only way it is distributed, though. Like many other similar applications, the YTDownloader virus uses freeware as a means of entrance. It will be bundled with a free application and try to get installed together with it. The program will be automatically selected as an additional installation and you have to deselect it. If you skip past the installation steps in haste, you will allow it in without realizing you have. You need to be cautious of the download sources and the software applications you select and be attentive when installing software.

YTDownloader Removal

How is the YTDownloader virus dangerous?

This PUP needs your authorization only for its installation. Past this point, it requires no further permission to carry out the tasks it does. The YTDownloader virus proceeds to change your homepage and search engine once it gets installed. The program also installs a browser helper object (BHO). A common issue which most bogus software put forth is pop-up ads. They will appear each time you load your browser and come in great numbers. Apart from distracting you, these ads pose a threat for your system’s safety. The developers of the YTDownloader virus take no responsibility for their legitimacy. Even a seemingly reliable ad can lead to a corrupted website and get your PC infected with malware. It is risky to follow the content displayed by this add-on and with the amount of ads constantly popping up, you can click on them by accident. Finally, there is perhaps the biggest threat associated to dubious programs – keylogging. The YTDownloader virus will keep track of your web activity and collect the data from your browsing sessions. This information will then be sent to malicious third parties who can use it as they see fit. Your passwords, credit card number and other financial input may fall into the wrong hands. The only way to restore your system’s security is to uninstall the YTDownloader virus from your system.

How can I remove the YTDownloader virus?

You can uninstall this tool from your list of programs in your Control Panel. We have made a guide to help you perform this task. Once you have done so, you should take the time to scan your system with a reliable AV program to check for remaining files. The YTDownloader virus could leave behind data which does not get removed after the manual uninstall and needs to be tracked down with an automatic scan.

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